Monday, October 18, 2021

Veteran Housing Program


It is the policy of the Navajo Nation Veterans Administration (hereafter referred to as the NNVA) to provide every eligible Navajo Nation Veteran an opportunity to apply for housing assistance under the Navajo Veterans Housing Program with the intent of providing safe, decent, and sanitary housing services.



The purpose of the Navajo Nation Veterans Housing Program (NNVHP) is to identify, assess and prioritize the housing needs of Navajo veterans. The NNVA shall monitor, advocate, promote, and administer NNVA efforts towards housing needs of Navajo veterans. The NNVHP is to provide and assist with the construction of homes, consistent with applicable industry standards, for Navajo veterans. Such consideration of homes shall be for qualified Navajo veterans. These homes are built and provided to the veteran with the intent and understanding that these homes shall remain the property of the qualified veteran.



The objectives of the Veterans Housing Program are to: 1) Reduce the high number of homeless veterans; 2) Reduce the high amount of substandard and dilapidated veteran housing; 3) Reduce the high amount of overcrowded housing conditions; 4) Create pride in home ownership for the veteran recipient and their family; 5) Create jobs for veterans through home construction and renovation thereby reducing the unemployment rate among veterans.

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