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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to become registered with the Navajo Nation Veterans Administration Office?

  • DD214 Discharge Certificate
  • Valid State Photo Identification Card/Drivers License
  • Social Security Card
  • Certificate of Indian Blood


What services would I be eligible for, once I am registered with NNVA?

  • The Emergency assistance for food, vehicle fuel, and utilities to cover costs for one month shall not exceed $300 per assistance. This assistance is limited to two times per fiscal year per individual requesting assistances.
  • Another Emergency assistance for heating costs include firewood, pellets, coal and propane shall not exceed $300 per assistance.
  • Home improvement not to exceed $700 and this assistance is limited to one time per fiscal year per individual requesting such assistance.


What is the process of obtaining assistances, qualifying criteria?

  • Complete the Financial Assistance Form 101
  • Forward the completed Formm 101, with any supporting documents to the NNVA Agency office


How much would I be eligible for?

  • The 2 different emergency funds, you are eligible for up to $300.00, two times in the fiscal year
  • The Home repairs funds, you are eligible for up to $700.00, one time assistance in the fiscal year


When will I receive my check?

  • The Veterans Service Officer with the AMS will ensure funds are available, and then enter the completed form 101 into FMIS.
  • It could very well take up to 3 weeks to get your check.


What is the process of getting the check in my hand?

  • All checks will be mailed to the address on your form W-9.


Can my children apply for assistances?

  • Unfortunately our funds do not allow for the children of a Veteran to apply for assistances at this time.


Do I have to be registered with the Navajo Nation?

  • Yes


What is the difference with Navajo Nation NNVA and the Navajo Nation Chapters when it comes to funds for Veterans?

  • We receive funds from the Trust funds and also the General funds. The trust fund provides funds for Veterans program, projects, and activities. The DNVA empowers the local Chapter Veterans Organization to approved/disapproved the allocation of funds.
  • The Navajo Nation Chapter is funded directly from the Supplemental Funds which is managed by the local Chapters therefore the DNVA has no oversight over the usage/allocation of funds awarded.
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