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About Us

Who is DNVA?

The Navajo Nation Veterans Administration is a department under the Division of Human Resources under the executive branch of the Navajo Nation Government that provides services to Navajo Veterans.

In the year 1971, Chairman Peter McDonald established and funded the Department to further the Navajo Veterans’ cause through the development and enactment of a Plan-of-Operation for the Navajo Nation Veterans Administration whose purposes include seeking funds to compliment Navajo Nation funds to serve Navajo Veterans.


What were some of your milestones or major accomplishments

  • Since its inception, the Department received annual funding from the Navajo Nation to deliver financial assistance such as housing material, hardship and emergency assistances.
  • The DNVA secured a Grant from AmeriCorps to serve Veterans and dependents for a three year period; the partnership is currently in process to be reestablished.
  • The DNVA received funding to construct the Navajo Nation Veterans Memorial Park in Window Rock, Arizona in 1994.
  • New office buildings were constructed for the Shiprock, Crownpoint, Chinle, and Tuba City agencies to house the DNVA program.
  • In 1998, an Agreement between Navajo Nation Veterans Administration and Carl T. Hayden Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC) of Phoenix, Arizona was established. The partnership developed a Fee Reimbursement Program to assist Navajo Veterans who are referred to diagnosticians and traditional ceremonies as part of their treatment. Upon approval by Carl T. Hayden VAMC, fee reimbursement will be paid to DNVA for the financial assistance which DNVA has provided for Navajo veterans.
  • Implementation and management of a Navajo Veterans Loans Program; servicing all eligible Navajo Veterans.
  • Implementation and continuous maintenance of the Navajo Nation veterans registry for consistent and accurate account of the Navajo veterans.


What is your Vision?

The Department’s Vision Statement is, “To honor, respect and value our Navajo Veterans by delivering professional services in the most equitable, expedient and responsible manner.”



What services do you provide?

  • VAMC (Carl T. Haden Medical center) Fee Reimbursement program for traditional healing ceremonies
  • Navajo Nation General Fund financial assistance program for Navajo traditional ceremonies for those not approved by VAMC.
  • Financial assistance under the Navajo Nation Veterans’ trust fund.
  • Financial assistance for Honor Guard Detail.
  • Financial Assistance for Color Guard Detail.
  • Financial assistance for burial.
  • Financial assistance for housing material.
  • Federal benefits claim processing.


How do your clients go about obtaining these services?

Each of the five agency offices operates under approved policies and procedures, along with forms, to disburse funds allocated to the respective agency.


Are there pre-requisites for clients seeking benefits?

Veterans seeking benefits are required to register with their respective agency office by submitting copies of DD Form-214, Discharge Certificate, Voter registration, and Certificate of Indian Blood.

A.  Financial Assistance

  1. Eligibility
    1. Eligibility for the aforementioned programs and services vary. One may inquire at a local agency office. To apply for such services, must have a copy of the following documents:
      1. Military DD-214 (Discharge papers)
      2. Certificate of Indian Blood
      3. Must be registered at your local chapter house, if not registered, must bring the following:
        1. Military DD-214
        2. Navajo Nation Voter’s registration card
        3. Social Security Card/ID
  2. Traditional Healing Ceremony
  3. Burial Expense
  4. Honor Guard (for Military Funeral Honors )
  5. Color Guard (for Posting of Colors )

B.  Veterans Housing Assistance (Self Help Housing Materials)

  1. The eligibility requirements vary among funding sources. Housing assistance is determined based on housing needs, family size, income and disability status. Home site lease is required.

C.  Other Federal Funded Program(s)

  1. Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center Fee Reimbursement Traditional Healing Ceremony This is a pilot program authorized through an agreement with Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center (VAMC) of Phoenix, AZ. VAMC is now able to pay for Traditional Healing Ceremonies that are prescribed for veterans by care providers that may include: Vet Centers, VA Transition Centers and Traditional Counselors, etc. This reimbursement is for medicine man/practitioner fees for ceremonies performed for veterans. Prior approval by the Agency Veterans Office is required. NOTE:
  2. Purpose: to increase the utilization of VA Healthcare Benefits by Navajo Veterans to allow for the payment of (approved) Navajo Traditional Healing Ceremony fees to be reimbursed by VA Medical Center(s).
  3. Eligibility Criteria:
    1. The eligibility requirements vary among funding sources. Housing assistance is determined based on housing needs, family size, income and disability status. Home site lease is required.


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